dreaming of a PINK santa

If you prefer a pastel christmas aesthetic like I do, then youre going to love this super quick and easy DIY! I scored this Santa mug at Jo-Ann's craft store for $3, and I know these are really easy to find all around durring the holiday, and usually for under $5! But they are always … Continue reading dreaming of a PINK santa

you are what you eat – a hot cheeto DIY costume!

My niece, Sofia and I have a hilarious addiction to Hot Cheetos and I am sure many of you can relate! THEY ARE SO GOOD ! A few nights ago while eating cheetos and laughing about our red fingers I joked and told her "we eat these SO much that were finally going to turn … Continue reading you are what you eat – a hot cheeto DIY costume!

wdw continued!

The girl gang goes to TOY STORY LAND !!!!!!! We are all smiles and just the happiest bunch to be at WDW for another full day of park adventures. This day we split between Hollywood Studios, mostly just to spend time in Toy Story Land and then head over to Disney's Animal Kingdom.     … Continue reading wdw continued!


I FINALLY WENT TO DISNEY WORLD !!!!!!! Can you believe for how much of a Disney lover I am, it wasn't til my 33rd birthday that I finally can say I have been to WDW!?!? It was everything I have ever dreamed of and MORE! Everything is bigger and better and well... HOTTER (ugh, that … Continue reading wdw.

chasing rainbows.

It's been just over a month since my last post, since my miscarriage. ¬†And I'm not sure if I have thanked everyone enough, I feel like I'll never even be able to show just how incredibly thankful I am still and was at the moment for all the out pouring love and support I received … Continue reading chasing rainbows.


I have been sitting here in my office for hours writing paragraphs in circles and deleting them. I have so many emotions and can't get the words to perfectly explain them, unsure of how and where to start. So, I'll start with bluntly letting go and tell you, last week I had a miscarriage. They … Continue reading personal.

Mexico Mi Amour

  I've been back from Mexico City for two weeks now, and I still haven't been able to get over our trip... the post vacay sadness still lingers. ¬†Along with REALLY missing the incredible food and drinks we had every day there, Brent and I spent quite a bit of time looking up things we … Continue reading Mexico Mi Amour

twirling thru disney

If you're following me on insta, it's probably really obvious that I love getting dressed up and going to Disneyland. particularly in a tutu or any type of twirly skirt. I promise, it just makes the day more FUN! You'll feel like a Disney princess for a day! The question I get I asked almost … Continue reading twirling thru disney