lovers on the road pt.1

Honestly, the best week of my life, of our life. We weren't too sure if we were going to have a honeymoon while we were planning our wedding. We just didn't have the head space to even begin to think of planning one, but we knew we wanted to go somewhere right after we got … Continue reading lovers on the road pt.1

my favorite sugar cookies!

This year I have started a new christmas tradition... making sugar cookies! Maybe it's because I think I've mastered the best perfect, soft sugar cookie that keep shape when you bake them and taste SO GOOD !!!! AND...I made a vegan version as well and think they might even taste better. I can't decide so … Continue reading my favorite sugar cookies!

june 16 2018.

WE HAVE BEEN OFFICIALLY MARRIED HALF OF A YEAR! And still I can't believe our wedding is over. I miss it everyday. I miss planning it and every exciting second leading up to the day and the feeling of being a BRIDE. I even miss the chaos, ┬áthe stress and all the tears I cried … Continue reading june 16 2018.

DIY – Jack Skellington Bag

sometimes you really need something to complete an outfit and you can't find exactly what you're looking for... in my case, I MADE IT! This Jack Skellington bag was so easy to make, so quick, and so inexpensive! Here is how and what you will need; white mini crossover bag -┬ápurchase here on amazon black … Continue reading DIY – Jack Skellington Bag